Amazing Girl

At Amazing Girl we PRIDE ourselves on QUALITY.

Our range is made from the BEST QUALITY spandex material we can find!

We chose this FANTASTIC material for our designer range for it's absolute day to day performance.

Whether you are out at PLAY at home, in the park or at the beach......

Whether you are at your BFF's Birthday PARTY.....

Whether you are under the hot spot lights on stage to PERFORM.....

Spandex is used to create the ULTIMATE in SPORTSWARE! So why wouldn't it work everywhere, in every situation of your life?

It offers you :

  • At home, in the park, on the beach . . . just to PLAY

    Created for Amazing Girls aged 6 to 12 who like to look and feel great!

  • Under the bright spot lights on stage to PERFORM

    Complete comfort and movement with a unique 4 way stretch fabric!

  • At your BFF (Best Friend’s Forever) Birthday PARTY

    Stand out as you Sparkle and Spin!